A challenge for masters runners

How fast can you run 800m? 

Where are the best 800m and 4x800m races for masters runners?

How do masters runners train to run a fast 800m?

(there is no cost — we’re not doing this to make money)


We'll celebrate all 800m performances, especially ...

Breaking the 2:00 barrier

Beating age/sex-adjusted 2:00 threshold

Setting 4x800m records

Hitting personal big hairy audacious goals

Awards (tentative, currently working to get sponsors)

We hope to offer the following awards:
  • World Record: personalized running jacket
  • National Record: personalized 1/4 zip performance top
  • Sub2: personalized performance shirt
  • Sub2-equivalent: personalized coffee mug
  • Sub-BHAG: personalized coaster
  • 4x800m national and world records: personalized batons
  • Top Aged Graded performances: TBD

How to get started

What to expect

breaking2 on Strava & Instagram

#mastersbreaking2 (Use this Hashtag)

This will help us find everyone's social posts related to masters 800m and 4x800m