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List of All Submitted Performances

Performance Title (and link) Athlete Name Age (on day of performance) Gender Event Name Event Date Event Type Performance Time

800m at Outdoor Nationals

John Borthwick57Other / Not SpecifiedUSATF 2021 Masters Outdoor Nationals in Ames IA

July 24, 2021

800m Race2:19.78

My first 800m wearing spikes as a masters

M60-64 Final

Kevin Paulk60MaleUSATF Masters Outdoor Nationals Ames Iowa

July 24, 2021

800m Race2:19.19


Marc van Gils54MaleCompetitie wedstrijd 3e divisie Roermond The Netherlands

July 4, 2021

800m Race2:03,30

800m TT

Josh Ruston41Male800m TT

June 19, 2021

800m Time Trial2:09.5

First 800 in two years. faster than I expected at  this point.

New Sub 2 Equivalent Performance

Julie Hayden61FemaleUSATF Masters Mega Meet

June 6, 2021

800m Race2:44.21

The 800M race was a combination of all women entered ages 29-76. The first 200M was fast with Alisa Harvey (W55), Michelle Rohl (W55) and Terri Rath (W57) leading the way. Michelle ran a very strong 2nd lap, to break the W55-59 American record in 2:25.71, Alisa was 2nd in 2:29.03. I was a very distant 3rd in 2:44.21 with Terri Rath 4th.

Doncaster Open

Jed Turner60Male800m

May 29, 2021

800m Race2.17.57

800 after 1500

Alejandro Heuck56MaleCT master games 800

May 22, 2021

800m Race2:20.92

First race in more than a year. Race run 90 min after finishing a 4:44.29 1500 mts race at the same event.

800 split in the DMR

John Becker 42MaleEast Coast Relays

May 22, 2021

4x800m Relay2:04.1

2:04.1 800m split in the DMR

800 metres

Jed Turner60MaleStretford Open Meeting

May 18, 2021

800m Race2.19.08

First 800 of the season.

Trials of Miles 800m race

Peter Brady49MaleNight at the Track, Jersey City

May 15, 2021

800m Race2:03.12

Making progress….